Updates to the UAEA website

The entire board is responsible for keeping the website up-to-date. You are responsible for reviewing the information and making any necessary changes to the webmaster. To submit information to the Webmaster, please fill out this form.

We Need You!

We have come to realize how difficult it can be to keep in touch with all the art teachers in the state. We need people who will help us spread the word about UAEA issues, and provide constructive feedback that will help guide this association in the right direction. Interested? Send an email to uaeaevents@gmail.com

Regular Board Meetings

September 6- 6:00 Timpanogos High School

November 3, 2:00 Corner Canyon High school (after fall conference).

January 25, 6:00 PM Saratoga Springs South Club 2306 South Shorewood Drive (Gathering of the entire board

February 21st (Time TBA) at Pineview high school (before spring conference).

March 28 – 6:00 TBA

Message from Anna

We now have a secretary! Tammy Ballard is our new secretary. Tammy is an artist educator who has been around for a while. She’s not currently teaching but is eager to get back in touch with her “peeps”.

To clarify some terminology. The UAEA Board Meetings will only be attended by 16 people. This includes the chairpersons of each committee as well as the executive committee members. Each committee chair will lead a smaller meeting committee at the UAEA Committee Meetings. Two UAEA Board Gatherings will be held, where all members of the UAEA Board are invited to attend. These Board Gatherings will take place in January and February, right before the conference. This will allow us to keep in touch with old friends and continue the relationships that we established at the board retreat.

If you’d like to learn more about Zoom before you meet with your committee members, Carrie and me will train you. Let us know.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need support. We are still learning so let’s get together to figure this out.

Anna Davis

UAEA President-Elect

Descriptions of Job

We are currently reviewing job descriptions for UAEA Board to clarify and better define our roles. This is just a small list that will grow as we move from the core outwardly. We are always looking to recruit hardworking, talented people to join the board.


To learn the duties and responsibilities associated with the presidency, the President Elect will be working alongside the President and Vice-President.


The President preside at all official meetings of UAEA. He also prepares an agenda for meetings of Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

As the representative of UAEA, the President will prepare an annual report on activities of UAEA for NAEA.

The President will be working with the Treasurer/Business manager, the Publications Coordinator and the Membership Coordinator

To carry out the activities of the UAEA, the President will nominate the chairpersons of necessary committees.

The Delegates Assembly of National Art Education Association will be represented by the President or his/her designee.

After the term ends, the President will be elected Past President of UAEA for a period of one year.


The Past President will be the Chairperson of this Nominations Committee.

For one year, the Past President will be the representative of UAEA to the Delegates Assembly of National Art Education Association.


The Secretary/Historian will maintain an accurate record of all Board of Directors meetings and distribute copies to them. Minutes of Executive Committee meetings will be kept and sent to the Executive Committee.

During his/her term, the Secretary will be the Association’s official historian.

Business Manager (Treasurer)

As directed by the President or the Board, the Treasurer/Business Manager will receive all funds of the association and make them available to the appropriate recipients.

The Treasurer/Business Manager will prepare an Annual Budget for the Association.

The Treasurer/Business manager will keep a record of all transactions monetary of the Association, and submit these records to audit.

The Treasurer/Business manager will present financial statements to all Board members and Regional Officers. A financial report shall be presented to all general membership meetings.

The Chairperson of Finance Committee will be the Treasurer/Business Manager. The Treasurer/Business manager will prepare and submit all required government reports.

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