A few UAEA Updates


Hello UAEA Members!!!!

We have had such an exciting and eventful year! Last Springs Art in the Sun conference in St. George was a great success and we thank everyone who presented and share such wonderful ideas and innovations from their art classrooms. Just last month we had out 4th organized Fall Conference at Corner Canyon High School. The Fall conference had more attendance than it ever has! We brought in numerous artists to conduct workshops for teachers to create all day long. If you weren’t able to come, make sure to come next year.
This coming year there will be a focus on aligning the association with current times. We have started with a redesign of the website and are also going digital with our Spring Conference schedule and catalog. We welcome any feedback from members as we implement and tweak these new ideas.
Please use the new website as a way to connect with other teachers and prepare for future conferences as well as finding teaching resources and programs. Some of these programs and dates to look for are registration for Fall and Spring conferences as well as presenter proposal forms. Also, look for applications and dates for the YAM (Youth Arts Month) flag contest, the Catherine Ford Scholarship and auction, and upcoming teacher exhibition opportunities.
Since the Association is now affiliated with NAEA you will have access to even more resources! NAEA puts out various periodicals as well as frequently putting on webinars. All past resources are recorded and can be found on the NAEA website as well as a full description of the many benefits you can partake in.
We love the art teachers in Utah and want to build a great professional community where are ideas are shared and students and teachers can benefit greatly!
Thanks for everything you do!!!!!